Photovoltaic systems

Propsolar offers a wide range of high quality solar systems. Click "More" to go to the product description.

Photovoltaic panels

High quality polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels from PROPSOLAR confirmed by TÜV certificates. Power to choose: monocrystalline panels 280W-300W / 340W-360W and polycrystalline panels 250W-270W / 320W-340W.


Solar Inverters

Our offer includes inverters for "ongrid" operation, i.e. connected directly to the electric network and "offgrid", which connects together with capacitor banks. Offered types of inverters are a proven solution in combination with Propsolar panels.


Solar installation solutions

The offer prepared for the Polish market includes "on-grid" and "off-grid" installations. Definitely the most popular model are "ongrid" installations that cooperate with the power system. Off-grid installations are used where there is no electrical connection, and therefore store energy in capacitor banks. An off-grid installation is often called island or autonomous. Going further you will also find photos of electrical installations made on Propsolar components.

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